New England Pool & Billiard Hall of Fame


The New England Pool & Billiard Hall of Fame is located at Snooker's Pool Room, 53 Ashburton St, Providence RI. The walls of the beautiful establishment are lined with articles and pictures dedicated to honoring some of the greatest players and promoters in and around the New England Area.

Tom McGonagle is the president of New England Pool and Billiards. He took the project over from the late Ray Desell who created the Hall of Fame in 1995. Each year a chosen group of players are inducted into the Hall of fame during a ceremony held in March.

This year I've been given the honor of being one of those players. I've been proud of my accomplishments in this sport but can't help but to be humbled by so many of the great names, past and present, who already darn the walls of Snooker's billiards. I've looked up to and admired many of them.

The ceremony will take place March 2nd at 6:30pm.

Joining me among this years inductees are Nelson Oliverira, Dave Hall, Mike Rinella, Joe Tucker, the late George Sansousi, Tony Robles, Billy Lanna, Liz Ford, Steve Taverniere, Matt Tetreault, Shane Cody, Jarrod Clowrey, The late Ed Gregory, Dennis Hatch, and Jeremy Soussi.

Thank you, Tom, for giving me such an honor.