July 13-15, 2012

Shenyang, Liaoning, China – Top trick shot pool players travel from all around the world to compete in the first ever major Trick Shot Tournament held in China. The 5-star Grand Metropark North Yorker Hotel provided the plush accommodations and venue for the elite event. Countries represented were USA, South Africa,  Romania, Canada, and France. The legendary Mike Massey was in attendance as the Master of Ceremonies. Tom "Dr Cue" Rossman was also in attendance as tournament directer.  The event was organized by the WPPA (wppapool.com) and was Sanctioned by the WPA which is the world governing body of pool and billiards.  Title sponsor for the event was the Shenyang Pacific International Academy.    

Chinese culture made this out to be an epic event. Media night was a big social event with City leaders government officials and reporters. Dignitaries gave their speeches. Welcoming opening ceremonies followed the next morning, kicking off the action packed 3 day event.

The format was a grueling set of preselected shots. 32 preselected shots where chosen from 8 different categories testing each player's abilities on a broad range of skills. Each shot was worth different amounts of points based on difficulty and number of attempts taken to accomplish the shot. Scores were tallied after each round much like a golf tournament. For the final round, players were grouped with the highest scores to finish their rounds last while early players watched in anticipation to see how they would finish.    

Jamey Gray and Nick Nicoliadis were the top seeds going into the tournament. With current world rankings of 2nd and 3rd they were sure to set the bar high for the rest of the group.  After the first round of play and 1/4 of the tournament completed, some of the rising stars of the sport were able to put their names atop the leader board. By the end of the third round, the top places were held by Gray, Nickolaidis, Kohler and Visoiu. The final round of play created some changes in the standings with some of the new players falling to the pressure of the home stretch in front of the cameras and vast television audience. The seasoned players and favorites Gray and Nickoliadis were able to top the pack. Visoiu and Kohler fell to 5th and 6th respectively. Giumelli and Parker were able to overtake the 3rd and 4th spots.

The third day of competition involved candid performances, displaying the entertainment side of the sport. All players provided great performances, but ultimately Giumelli won the side event.  With his language barrier not being a problem, he was able to win over the audience with his antics and display of talent.

Final Standings

​ 1​ Jamey “The Sharpshooter” Gray (Connecticut, USA)​ 204

​ 2​ Nick “Quick Nick” Nikolaidis (Quebec, CANADA) 192​

​ 3 Sebastian “The Matador” Giumelli (Argentina, SOUTH AMERICA) 191​

​ 4 Wayne “The Trixster” Parker (South Africa, AFRICA)​187

​ 5 Gabi Visoiu (Romania, EUROPE)​183

​ 6 Florian “Venom” Kohler (France, EUROPE)​178

​ 7 Charles “Spitball Charlie” Darling (Missouri, USA)​177

​ 8​ Tim “The Dragon” Chin (California, USA)172​

​ 9​ Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick (Oklahoma, USA)163​

​10 Steve “Triple C” Markle (Pennsylvania, USA)​153

​11 Abram “Too Tall” Diaz (California, USA)145​

​12 Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch (Michigan, USA)136​

Additional Performance Based Awards

Best Achievement (85.08 make percentage) Jamey Gray

Trick and Fancy (30 out of 30 points) Abram Diaz

Special Arts 29/30 Jamey Gray

Draw 30/30 Nick Nikolaidis

Follow 29/30Tim Chin

Bank/Kick 30/30SebastianGiumelli

Stroke 29/30 Gabi Visoiu

Jump 30/30Jamey Gray

Masse 28/30 Gabi Visoiu

Additional Discretionary Awards

Sportsmanship – Jason Lynch

Congeniality- Florian Kohler

Best Dressed – Charles Darling

Best Showman/performer – Sebastian Giumelli

Honerary – Tom Rossman


The event was televised on Chinese national television CCTV4 which has an audience of 400 million viewers.  Videos and pictures for the event can be found on China's leading website on pool and billiards, my147.com.  




First Round Nick's group
— First Round Jamey's Group —
Second Round Sebastian's Group
— Second Round Jamey's Group —
Third Round Sebastian's Group
Third Round Nick's Group
Final Round Middle 4
— Final Round Top 4 —
Exhibition Round 1
Exhibition Round 2
— Exhibition Round 3 —
— Closing Ceremony —