I grew up in Jewett City, a small town in CT. I had a small pool table in my basement where I first learned how to play pool. When people ask me how long I've been playing pool, I tell them; "As soon as I could see over a pool table." I learned at a very early age how the pool balls react to each other. I grew up with three older brothers. My brothers and cousins all played pool. Being the youngest I never played as well as they did.. I practiced a lot, and eventually, I became pretty good.

I started hanging around in pool halls when I was 18. I learned a lot from the experienced players and developed a passion for the game. I learned from every book and video I could get my hands on. I played in as many tournaments as I could. At 21, I joined the APA pool league and soon became the highest ranked player as a "7" in 8-Ball and a "9" in 9-ball. I've met most of my friends through the pool league.

At 24, I met my loving wife Beverly while playing pool. Soul mate? We were planning our wedding within a week. We got engaged on the same  date a year later, and married on the same date a year after that – May 4th.  We've been "in-love" the whole time and I wouldn't be who I am today  without my biggest supporter.

I took a sabbatical from pool after my son Kyle was born in  1999. As much as I loved pool I didn't want to miss the precious things I had  at home. Our daughter Sierra was born in 2002. Both of them enjoy playing pool  and doing trick shots.

I started playing pool again and reached a new level when I  placed 5th in the US Amateur event in Atlanta, GA.

In 2007 I was introduced to professional trick shots by  Bruce Barthelette, a good friend of mine. My first tournament was the Master's  at the Allan Hopkins Super Billiard Expo in PA. I placed 12th and established  my first world ranking of 30th I kept practicing and at my 4th tournament I won  the World Championship. Now I am ranked 2nd in the world and still climbing.