Dr. Cue “Open” Table Talent Night


Event Association: Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup II
Event Location: Big Shot Billiards and Bar, East Windsor, CT
Event Dates: November 14, 15, and 16, 2008 – Talent Night on 11/15/08

Event Highlights:

  • Ten players and two fans audition for five minutes in unique billiard presentations
  • Three judging panels award points to performers to determine top three finalists
  • Dr. Cue and Ms. Cue do final judging with special “artistic” question for each finalist
  • Jamey Gray, Jason Lynch, and Bill “Mynah Bird” Meima garner top positions of finish
  • Steven “Triple C” Markle (youngest player in Artistic Cup II field) takes 4th place honors
  • Special sponsor cues awarded to top four places with select prizes to rest of performers


Performer Information and Complete Scoring Details:

         Performing Artist                                 Presentation   Audience    Execution  Question  Total

Jamey “Sharpshooter” Gray (CT)                    30                    29                    29                19         107
Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch (MI)           30                    30                    29                18         107
Bill “Mynah Bird” Meima (NJ)                        30                    30                    27                16         103
Steven “Triple C” Markle (PA)                        28                    29                    27              ——           84
Florian “Venom” Kohler (France)                    28                    26                    27              ——           81
Jason “My Son” Kane (NY)                              25                    28                    26              ——           79
Deanna “Lady Bug” Laney (FL)                       26                    25                    26              ——           77
Dave “Triple Jump” Nangle (MD)                   26                    24                    25              ——           75
Abram “Too Tall” Diaz (CA)                             24                    22                    27              ——           73
Lloyd “Balled Eagle” Hobbs (NY)                    25                    24                    24              ——           73
Bill “High Voltage” Markle (PA)                      27                    22                    24              ——           73
Jamie “Bayou Bullet” Moody (TX)                   24                    21                    24              ——           69

Special Note:  A tiebreaker shot was used called the “artistic lag”.  Jamey and Jason each did 3 lags between 2 pieces of chalk (3 ball spacing) to see who would get closest to the end cushion.
Jamey landed closer and won the Open Table Talent Night competition and 1st place prize.

Questions Used for Top 3 Finalists:

#1 – What do you feel is the main reason artistic pool is growing so fast online & around the world?

#2 – What do you suggest to the youth of our sport for developing their interest in artistic pool?

#3 – What does “trick shots and so much more” mean to you or as referenced to artistic pool?

Select Cues / Prizes to Talent Performers With Approximate Value Listed:

1st – McDermott Vintage ($199); 2nd – Clark Custom ($150); 3rd – Valentine Break/Jump ($100); and
4th – Skip Custom ($50); 5th thru 12th – Received choice of select sponsor prizes at various values!!


Official Judging Panels and Scoring Rules:

Performers Presentation:

  • Paul “Book-em” Danno – Cup II player and official “chair/hammer” gong official
  • Donna Hobbs – Wife of Lloyd “Balled Eagle” Hobbs and “character” specialist
  • Steve “Leapin” Lillis – Cup II player & President/Founder – Gospel Trick Shot Ministries


Note:  Paul was in charge of “hitting a chair with a hammer” as a “humorous” warning
      if performer, judge, or someone else created an “out of order” situation.  No one
      was “gonged” off the table.  Paul’s antics created great entertainment for all!

Performers were judged by how they “presented” their act – demeanor, image, and style were factors of scoring consideration by this illustrious panel of judges.

          Audience Response:

  • Gary Lambert – Special fan visiting his Mother in area and wanting to join in the fun
  • Linda Frier – Deanna Laney’s Mother agreeing to be part of this festive occasion
  • Mustang Maggie Mullins – Cup II player and dynamic helper for overall event


Note: This panel of judges scored based on audience applause, laughter, and their own  
           personal feelings on how the performers entertained them.

Overall Routine Execution:

  • Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick – Cup II player and inventor of “Dr. Popper” Jump Cue
  • Jim “Coach” Barnard – Cup II player and Artistic Pool teacher / mentor to many
  • Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman – Cup II director and Artistic Pool crusader / entertainer


Note:  The judging guidelines of this panel were to analyze the talent “execution” being
            presented.  This might include “dropping the ball”, so to speak, and making it look
like it was part of the act by vocal cover or some other spirited action.

Special Note:  Scoring was done by each panel judge by holding up a card with scores from 7 (lowest) to 10 (highest) on them.  The scores of the 3 judges on each panel were added together for the respective panel’s total score with 30 being the highest possible and 21 being the lowest.  The total scores of all 3 judging panels were added together for the overall total score prior to the final question scoring.   “Dr. Cue” and “Ms. Cue” presented the final scoring factor from answers to the questions above based on a total of 20 on the high end and 14 on the low end, using the same scoring card system numbers (7, 8, 9, and 10).   An “artistic lag” shootout would be used in the event of a tie among the top 3 finalists.  See special note under final results above.

            Results Tabulated and Verified by:   Tom “Dr. Cue” and Marty “Ms. Cue” Rossman
                                                                          Cup II Open Table Talent Night Event Directors
                        November 15, 2008  


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