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By Steve Markle
Contributed Story

The place to be March 19-22 2009, was the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo. Billiard fans and players alike filled the Valley Forge Convention Center to its limits. The much anticipated wait was over, the event was finally here. All were ready for the Allen
Hopkins Super Billiards Expo, the greatest billiards event in the world.
The 2009 Masters Artistic Pool Championship brought together the greatest trick
shot artists in the world. Dressed to impress and cues chalked, the players were ready to begin, it was their time to shine. All players competed for the love of the sport and with high hopes of making playoffs and claiming the 2009 Masters title. With many amazing shots completed, the preliminary round was over and then came playoffs. The final 12 remaining players made their marks and competed in very close playoff rounds. The top four scoring players in the preliminary round received byes in the first round of playoffs. Those players were:
Eric Yow (269), Tom Rossman (264), Andy Segal (244), and Nick Nikolaidis (240).

Quarter Finals
Matt MacPhail (114) def. Eric Yow (98)
Nick Nikolaidis (83) def. Gabriel Visoiu (51)
Andy Segal (123) def. Jamey Gray (111)
Tom Rossman (119) def. Dave Nangle (114)

Semi Finals
Nick Nikolaids (109) def. Matt MacPhail (85)
Andy Segal (111) def. Tom Rossman (83)

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Left to right -Robert Neal, Tom Rossman, Eric Yow, Gilbert Olsen Steve Markle, 2009 Winner, Andy Segal, Dave Nangle, Jamey Gray

Nick “Quick Nick” Nikolaidis and Andy “The Magic Man” Segal emerged to the
top and met in the finals. Everyone in attendance was ready for the intense match to begin. The arena was filled and it was The Magic Man brings it on… time for practice to pay off. The round was like a tennis match, back and forth. The scores were always changing and Nikolaidis and Segal were shooting with very little error. Halfway through the match Segal led. The players’ shots kept falling and scores increasing.
With two shots left, it became mathematically impossible for Nick to catch Andy and Nick conceded the match. The two amazing performers put on quite the show.
Each discipline in Artistic Pool has five shots and each player has three attempts to make each shot. To go ‘perfect’ in a discipline means that the player made all five shots on the
first try, an extremely difficult feat to accomplish. It was only one year ago that the first ever perfect discipline was shot by Andy Segal, this event saw an unprecedented six perfect disciplines!

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The following players went perfect: Andy Segal and Jamey Gray in Trick & Fancy, Gabriel Visoiu in Prop/ Novelty/Special Arts, Gilbert Olsen and Eric Yow in Follow, and TomRossman in Jump. The other discipline winners include: Dave Nangle in Draw, Robert Neal in Bank/Kick, Tom Rossman in Stroke, and Eric Yow! in Masse. Steve Markle received the Sportsmanship award and a masse cue by Crown Cues.
Special thanks to Allen Hopkins Productions, Dr. Cue Promotions, Crown Cues, Diamond Tables, Simonis Cloth, and Aramith. Without them this tournament would not have been

Top 12 finishers with payout amounts:

1. Andy Segal $2500
2. Nick Nikolaidis $2000
3 Tom Rossman $1700
4. Matt Macphail $1400
5. Eric Yow $1100
6. Gabi Visoiu $900
7. Jamey Gray $700
8. Dave Nangle $500
9. Bruce Barthelette $300
10. Bill Meima $300
11. Stefan Mendrick $300
12. Ralph Eckert $300


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